Updated: Jan 29

A Sacred space of Rest, Ritual, and Renewal for Black Womxn, NGC and non-binary folx.

SULUHU: A Womanist Gathering:

Join us and our profound guest speakers on our quest of reconciliation of self, with Great Spirit and the worldwide community.

SULUHU, in Kiswahili means Peace/Reconciliation and represents the essence of what Suluhu is all about; creating rest, ritual and renewal space for Black womxn, NGC and non-binary folks. As a Womanist ministry that provides sacred space to members of the Afrikan Diaspora, we strive to uplift Black art, stories, expressions of joy and communalism.

Suluhu was created because it is truly time to reconcile internally, with Great Spirit and with the global village. We ultimately want our folks to experience peace...

This ministry was established May 2018 and has served as a healing space filled with soulful music, therapeutic art and empowering messages rooted in Womanist wisdom and tenants of wholeness. (zoom link sent after registration)

Join us: January 31st, 2021 (3pm PST)

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