The SupaNatural Life Buddy System: Participants are matched with trained professional caregivers who are able to meet their social and emotional needs. Those needing care will be provided with a “check-in” moment once a week via chat, email or video call. It is a non-clinical support model whose benefits are primarily intrapersonal and social in nature.  


The SupaNatural Education (workshops/training series): Throughout the month, we provide workshops and training on topics ranging from disability justice, education and advocacy, accessibility, and healing and wellness, currently reaching 300 people each month. Workshops are held virtually, to increase accessibility for participants and to bring our services to the global village.


  • Wholeness: The “W” in (w)holistic is our chief tenet. We serve the mind, body, and spirit of our clientele. We link our clients with their desired levels of spiritual, mental, and emotional support while guiding them to lesser-known avenues of help.

  • Empowerment: MSNL understands that the combination of dealing with the weight of a diagnosis and the day-to-day tribulations of chronic conditions. This reality can be daunting and overwhelming. We empower our clients through support, counseling, and access to necessary life-lines to (w)holistic care.

  • Spirituality: We are a spiritually based collective who sees the value in having representatives of various religious and spiritual affiliations. One’s spirit will also need care while navigating chronic conditions and we want people to have places of safety and comfort as they access care. 

  • Compassion: MSNL operates through care and compassion. Compassion through peer support and the sharing of personal experiences aids our clients with knowing they aren’t alone. Care signifies our dedication to showing up well and with intentionality with each of our clients. 

  • Unity: We believe communal care is paramount to (w)holistic care. Unity is a necessary component to survival. MSNL values togetherness and through our buddy system and coaching programs we build a community of help.  

Guiding Ethos 

MSNL functions under the tenants of T.H.R.I.V.E (Togetherness, Holistic, Resources, In-Person/Interpersonal, Virtual, Experiential.) which is reinforced by our values. It is the current that runs through and informs our programs, projects, partnerships, and people. To make this messaging clear, we’ve woven it into our Communal Care 101 series, a workshop title that teaches the SupaNatural method of self-love, communal love, non-violent protest, and how to be a change agent for anti-racism work and equity work within the world. 


 MSNL is the brainchild of founder Rev. Iyana “YaNi”  Davis, who realized while waiting for a kidney transplant that people with chronic illnesses lacked social, emotional, and spiritual support as well as information and education about their conditions. Seed support from the National Benevolent Association (NBA), an organization that promotes the development of new and innovative health and social service ministries and organizations, and the Glean Network, the world’s first incubator and network for spiritual entrepreneurs helped to power MSNL’s launch and subsequent successes that have motivated volunteers and community partners alike to join its movement. MSNL empowers people living with chronic illnesses and conditions through virtual one-on-one social support as well as peer-to-peer workshops and support groups. Our educational programming builds participants’ resiliency skills and teaches participants how to self-advocate as they navigate the medical system and challenge ableism in the broader society. 

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day, saying, 'I will try again tomorrow.'"

– Mary Anne Radmacher

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